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Body Contour Studio

RF Face and Neck Skin Tightening and Contouring (30 minutes)

RF Face and Neck Skin Tightening and Contouring (30 minutes)


Lifted appearance 
Reduced lines and wrinkles
Reduced or eliminated double chin
Even skin tone
Collagen production

This treatment uses radio frequency to melt away fat pockets to contour face, we will also focus on the double chin and neck. TriPollar radio frequency is a completely safe skin tightening treatment that uses advanced radio frequencies to heat the deepest layers of the skin, causing a natural healing response that spurs new production of collagen. I recommend doing this treatment 3-5 times spaced out 4-6 weeks apart. If you schedule 4 or more sessions you will automatically receive 20% off in your cart during check out. You will typically see results right away and results should improve over the next 6 months. This treatment typically lasts up to 12 months but with maintenance treatments will last longer. 

Please schedule sessions one at a time to pick date and time before checking out and discount will apply.

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Care instructions prior to booking

🤍 For best results you should follow a low fat/low carb diet and drink at least 2 liters of water 24 hours before your treatment. For 3 days following your treatment, you should continue to drink 2-3 liters of water a day.

🤍 Avoid drinking alcohol 72 hours after treatment.

🤍 It is recommended to bring compression garments for after treatment such as shapewear, it helps push fat cells through the lymphatic system(can be purchased at studio or on website).

🤍 Body treatments should be scheduled twice a week at least 72 hours apart to allow fat cells and fluid to work through your lymphatic system. 

🤍 Body and facial radio frequency treatments should be scheduled once a week.

🤍 Try to avoid booking during your menstrual cycle as it can affect immediate results. 

🤍 Please note their is a shower available in the studio with body wash if needed to use after ice scultping and sauna blanket service.

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